On location of serial Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se | 20th March part 1

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On location of serial Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se | 20th March part 1
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This story revolves around a young woman named Shivani whose parents died in a plane crash. After her parents’ demise, her paternal grandfather, Daaju takes care of her. Daaju is overprotective of Shivani and he believes that he can control Shivani’s life. Therefore, Daaju wants to plan Shivani’s future, including her wedding. Raghu is Daaju’s servant and he helps Daaju in his errands. Shivani calls Raghu a jaadoogar since he always fulfills her wishes. Daaju has arranged Shivani’s marriage with her childhood sweetheart, Abimanyu, however Daaju is unaware of Abhimanyu’s evil intentions. Abhimanyu wants to marry Shivani, so he can inherit Daaju’s wealth and property. Once Shivani and Raghu find out about Abhimanyu’s evil intentions, they have a “fake” marriage in order to prevent Abhimanyu from getting Daaju’s property. Through their fake marriage starts Shivani’s exposure to the real world where she realizes that life isn’t as beautiful and easy as her life with Daaju. Through their fake marriage starts Raghu’s and Shivani’s journey into a blissful married life where they realize that they are each other’s true soulmates