Hate Story IV has received negative reviews from the critics which might affect its business in the weekdays. Our critic, Rajat Tripathi gave the film one star and said, The least ambitious writing I have seen in the longest time. The story depends incredibly on convenient co-incidences and characters being erratically stupid. The plot could have been put to rest by a simple background check of the characters. Characters change their characteristics at the drop of the hat. There is literally no build up for Karan to fall in love with Urvashi. Just moments ago he confesses his love to her, he was trying to roofie and rape her and let out his plans to his brother. A simple word of advice made him change his heart? I can go on and on about the badly etched characters. While Vishal gives us strong female characters, he forgets to give these characters a logically sound script.” Also Read - From Malaika Arora to Janhvi Kapoor: 5 divas setting style goals with deepest neckline outfits