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-1 | drama | 8 September 2017

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Aditya, a software engineer from a buzzing metropolis, has everything going for him. A good job, a loving family and great friends. But like the rest of us, his life too takes unexpected turns at the crossroads. Torn between his career ambitions and his family commitments, he carves a path for himself by taking life into his own hands. As much as it is a single man's story, it is the coming of age journey of five college friends. The story that makes a fun and lighthearted start turn rather tumultuous and unexpected. Aditya discovers that, by taking charge of his life, he can't have it all. The story captures his losses and gains both beautifully and realistically.

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Release Date : 8 September 2017

Director : Gangadhar Salimath

Writer : Gangadhar Salimath

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