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Bhagshesh: The Remainder

Bhagshesh: The Remainder

111 | drama, family | 6 July 2018

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The Remainder' is a biographical document of a mother, Madhumanti, who is not a biological mom, but a step mother. Biswajit, a dear friend of Madhumanti, is a writer himself and he is the narrator of the film. Madhumanti, herself belonged to a broken home, and thus had a very soft corner for children who did not get their parents' love and care. As a person, Madhumanti prefers to be perfect in whatever she does and is shown to be someone who gets anxious very easily. She worked in an orphanage. Amit, Biswajit and Madhumanti were college friends. Biswajit always had a corner for Madhumanti, but he always emphasised on his unconditional friendship towards Madhumanti and thus never let Madhumanti know about his feeling. Amit had a seven year old daughter, Pooja, when he got divorced. Madhumanti accepted Amit's marriage proposal just to take care of Pooja. But Pooja always held Madhumanti responsible for her parents' separation. Though Madhumanti loved her unconditionally. This uneven ...

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Release Date : 6 July 2018

Director : Rema Bose

Writer : Rema Bose (story), Rema Bose

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