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Chi Va Chi Sau Ka

Chi Va Chi Sau Ka

134 | family | 19 May 2017

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The film is a satire on the institute of marriage in the current changing world of values. Protagonist of the film, Savitri an obsessive vegan girl who is Veterinary doctor and ardent animal lover wherein, Satyaprakash is Electrical engineer who implements solar energy projects and staunch environmentalist. Both of them are polls apart. Their families want them to get married to each other. Satyaprakash and Savitri learn that their friends who were madly in love with each other cannot succeed their marriage beyond one month. Hence Satyaprakash and Savitri takes a decision which creates chaos in their families.

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Release Date : 19 May 2017

Director : Paresh Mokashi

Writer : Madhugandha Kulkarni, Paresh Mokashi

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