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Colours Of Life

117 | drama | 6 July 2018

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The narrative of the film explores the ups and downs in the life of a single, working mother Chandrima Mukherjee (played by Rituparna Sengupta), and the relationship with her daughter, Esha. After her husband (played by Priyanshu Chatterjee) Dibakar's tragic demise, Esha and Chandrima had none but each other. However, being the strong and independent woman that she has always been, Chandrima raised her daughter all by herself. Never did she let the absence of a 'male parent' affect their bonding, or so does she think. Time flies by and, as Esha grows into adulthood, distance starts to grow between the duo. It is only after a pregnant Esha's suicide-attempt that Chandrima realizes how little she knows about her daughter's life outside the house. Especially since college days, Esha got carried away in the newfound freedom. Whereas, Chandrima busy in her professional life, has failed to keep track of this change. Eventually, they had become, as Chandrima comes to admit, strangers under ...

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Release Date : 6 July 2018

Director : Prakash Bharadwaj

Writer : Charbak Das, Tanveer Khan

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