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Conditions Apply: Ati Lagu

112 | drama | 7 July 2017

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It is story based on current mindsets and set of thoughts of youth towards relationship and togetherness, moreover a new age complexities in relationship and the realization and solutions the youth comes out with. They are very much stick to their individuality and approach towards life and courtship, which they want their partners to accept anyway. In fact, singles begin to test for acceptance from their new partner fairly soon after meeting. As the couple moves toward establishing a relationship, they apply many conditions on each other to accept i.e., "accept me as I am and let me live with my lifestyle and perspectives even if we are together". However, acceptance alone does not make for a solid, life-long happy relationship, as it is only half the story of what makes a relationship work. When it comes to another aspect adaptation of "change'' in their regular lives, acceptance vanishes.

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Release Date : 7 July 2017

Director : Girish Mohite

Writer : Sanjay Pawar (story)

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