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110 | drama, family

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The colorful life at the time of the birth becomes darker and darker in the old age. The story is of two old persons; Mr. Madhav and Ms. Malati. In this last phase, their lives are confined to a room. At this stage, there is no discrimination on the basis of religion, caste or wealth. The only reality is 'the body'. Instead of counting days in grief with the worn out bodies, they decided to live in a different way. Their attitude towards everything is different. The God has created two species, 'He' and 'She',to make each other's life complete. Actually, Mr. Madhav is symbolic character who represents men and Ms. Malati represents women. We have shown the journey of 'He' and 'She', in search of the humanity, from 1st January to the next 1st January. We can see an old couple in this journey. We see the society formed by men and women and the impact of traditions and customs in the conservative society on 'He' and 'She'. They teach us the art of living happily and away from all the ...

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Director : Shripad Dagade

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