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De De Pyaar De

De De Pyaar De

135 | Comedy, Romance | 17 May 2019

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a 50 year old Aashish living London away from his family fro many years,He falls in love with a 26 year Ayesha.Thou officially not divorced from his first wife Manju.Aashish wants her permission to get married to Ayesha.Upon reaching his house in India ,Ayesha finds that Aashish kids are of the same age as her.Aashish introduces Ayesha as his secretary to his family,he also finds that his daughter is about to get married and VK whose become close family friend is trying to woo her Manju.

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Release Date : 17 May 2019

Director : Akiv Ali

Writer : Surabhi Bhatnagar, Tarun Jain

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