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-1 | family | 09 July 1905

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SYNOPSISThe film is based on one of the important social issue of disabled people."Vithya" a lead character in the film is disabled person who is Dumb. Vithya is from a small village in Pune district of Maharashtra. He is struggling hard with a life where society is not supporting him. People in society always abuses and beats him. His mother is also fighting with her illness since long period. "Ketan" is a best friend of Vithya helping and supporting him in every critical situation. There is one girl named "Meena" who also helps and likes Vithya. Everything is going well but suddenly situation changes, as Vithya's best friend leaves village and goes to Mumbai for a job. As time passes Vithya's mother dies because of her illness and Vithya feel alone in the village, then he decides to leave village and move to city for good life with a hope. And here's new journey of Vithya's life is starts. In the city he meets many good and bad strangers and faces unexpected situations which he ...

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Release Date : 09 July 1905

Director : Yogesh Baban Gadage (as Yogesh Baban Gadge)

Writer : Yogesh Baban Gadage (as Yogesh Baban Gadge)

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