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120 | thriller | 10 February 2017

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Samir and Aparna find out about Aparna's pregnancy and plan a weekend trip to Roha to visit Sada and his wife Shalini, ex students of Samir's father.Sada works for a company which builds resorts while Shalini is a doting mother to their son Mohit.Sada and Shalini welcome Samir and Aparna.But Mohit is out for a school picnic.As the night night passes there is no sign of Mohit returning home and Shalini panics and ask Sada to find the reason behind delay.But the situation gets more tense and Samir and Aparna realize that things are not the same what it seems to be.

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Release Date : 10 February 2017

Director : Chandrakant Kulkarni

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