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130 | romance | 18 June 2018

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Surya is an agriculture student, who wants to protect vanishing greenery in Bengaluru by planting saplings and fighting against tree feeling. He evens runs a nursery farm in his free time. He falls in love with Swapna, who studies in the same college. Swapna's friend Naveen is also interested in her and causes trouble for the couple. What follows is a breakup, a hospital stay and police being on the look out for serial killers in Madikeri. Surya desperately tries to reconcile with Swapna and the couple rekindle their romance. Slighted by her rejection, Naveen hires a supari killer to kill Swapna. Unaware of the dangers that await them, Surya and Swapna travel to Madikeri to attend a friend's wedding. Will they escape from the clutches of serial killers and return safely from Madikeri to lead a happy life together?

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Release Date : 18 June 2018

Director : Ganesh Vinayak

Writer : Arjun Aarya

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