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Iung U Slaek

Iung U Slaek

90 | comedy, drama | 28 April 2017

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With the implementation of the NGT ban on coal mining in Jaintia Hills, a wealthy coal baron (Slaek) finds himself worried about what the future might bring. Thus, he tries to regain back his control on the family by desperately attempting to re-establish himself as the head and the authority of the house. Iung U Slaek is also about Slaek's dysfunctional family trying to adapt to the new changes in their lifestyle and at the same time realizing who they really are. It is a journey into the lives of the Slaek family presented in the form of a documentary styled project with a perfect balance of style and humor.

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Release Date : 28 April 2017

Director : Simi Khongtiang

Writer : Simi Khongtiang

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