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Jeevanave Chaduranga

Jeevanave Chaduranga

141 | drama | March 2017

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This movie is all about sewer employee (Muniyappa) who use to work very hard to lead is poverty life. One day, Muniyappa coming back from his sewerage work and finds a women begging for money at traffic signal with a small kid, Muniyappa observe her struggle for money and pity her by lending some amount. Muniyappa reach home and shed tears remembering his wife and son who were no more and take all his son dresses and goes back to the same traffic signal in search of that women, finally Muniyappa finds her in a small hut and give all his son dress with some amount by advising to give good education to that kid and beggar takes the money and accept to do so. As usual, muniyappa coming back to home after his night shift work but unfortunately he finds the same kind lying at road side, shivering from fever. Muniyappa takes the kid to a doctor and go in search of that women to return the kid, but the moment she notice muniyappa coming in search of her with the kid and she elude, same been ...

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Release Date : March 2017

Director : Manju Shrivatsa

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