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144 | drama | November 2017

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The most dangerous madmen are those created by religion, and people whose aim is to disrupt the society always know how to make good use of them on occasion. With various outfits of terrorism spreading its tentacles across the world this three centuries old quote of Denis Diderot seems to be apt and as contemporary as it can be. With vulnerable youths falling for the stories of getting an opportunity to work for Allah and empowered with thoughts that your hands will kill the innocent but Allah will forgive all has given these youths the notion that all is fair on the course of Jihad. In the history of mankind, fanaticism has caused more harm than any vice. Despite a space of several years the wounds inflicted by the Indian army in Kashmir were still fresh in Altaaf's mind when he joined the terrorist outfit with the pious thoughts of wiping away the enemies of Islam. Little did he know that he had in turn, gullibly fallen into the trap of people with vested interest and crooked ideas....

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Release Date : November 2017

Director : Rakesh Parmaar

Writer : Sanjay Joshi, Surabhi Pandey (as Surbhi Pandya)

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