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107 | horror, thriller | 27 October 2017

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Kumar who works in a city as school teacher is fed up of the city life and plans to come back to his native and fulfill his dream of starting a school which will offer a stress less education to children. Since he had to leave his native at the age of 4 after his mother's death, he has an immense love towards his place and culture. He comes back to his native with his wife and daughter and stays in his house near to his uncle's place. He meets his childhood friend and takes his and uncle's help to understand the requirements to build and start a school. In this path he comes cross many challenges and obstacles. Day by day the number of enemies starts increasing. How he faces them, is the film.

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Release Date : 27 October 2017

Director : Ravi Basrur

Writer : Ravi Basrur

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