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Long Live Brij Mohan

Long Live Brij Mohan

105 | comedy, crime, drama | 3 August 2018

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Brij Mohan (36), a hosiery shop owner in a busy Delhi market, desperately wants to change his life. He is fed up of his ball-crusher wife and mounting debts. In order to escape his wretched life, he changes his appearance and adopts a new identity as Amar Sethi, but ends up committing a botched up murder. He runs off with his young girlfriend, hopeful of making a new beginning. Instead, as luck would have it, he finds himself trapped in a web of his own Karma.

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Release Date : 3 August 2018

Director : Nikhil Bhat

Writer : Nikhil Bhat (dialogue), Nikhil Bhat (screenplay)

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