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One Day: Justice Delivered

2h 4m | Action, Crime, Thriller | 5 July 2019 (India)

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Justice Tyagi lives a retired life with his family during the marriage of his daughter Pooja Dr Couple Ajay Chopra and Reena Chopra go missing after attending the function. Inspector Sharma is assigned to investigate the matter and Tyagi decides to cooperate. It is revealed that Tyagi is behind the kidnapping and his next target is hotelier Pankaj Singh his motive behind kidnappings is to give justice to their victims.Due back to back kidnappings and increasing pressure from officials the cops appoint Laxmi Rathi to take over the case while Sharma will have to assist her.

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Release Date : 5 July 2019

Director : Ashok Nanda

Writer : Alaukik Rahi

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