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P Se Pyaar F Se Faraar

131 | Crime, Drama, Romance | 18 October 2019

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In Mathura, the ancient city immortalized by the legendary love of Lord Krishna and Radha, two college going kids belonging to different class and caste strata of the North Indian society fall in love. The kind of turbulent and violent reactions that follow between the communities of the said lovers makes the revered city of love turn into the city of extreme hate. The questions are, will a modern day Krishna arise within the warring clans and what all he can do to restore the sanity and sanctity of love. The film is a statement against hate crimes which are taking massive tolls on numerous talented youth of this country.

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Release Date : 18 October 2019

Director : Manoj Tiwari

Writer : Vishal Vijay Kumar, Manoj Tiwari (story)

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