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130 | thriller | 14 December 2018

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Prabha, with her husband and 3-year-old child head to the Airport, on their way back to America. On the way, she meets with an accident. On waking up she finds that she has been kidnapped, with no information about her husband and child. Being tortured by the villain group to provide an important information, the rest of the story lies in whether she manages to escape from the goons, will she be able to get her kid and husband back and how she finds out who has been on the back of all these. PRABHA's theme lies in the idea that a woman do not always need to depend on other men when it comes to rescuing themselves. They should try their level best to protect themselves and come out victorious.

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Release Date : 14 December 2018

Director : Nandhan

Writer : Nandhan

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