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An Experimental Docufiction by the Indian filmmaker Rajiv M 'Shankar' who revisits people he met 30 years back and re animates his experience with them. These characters are portrayed within the framework of the short story 'Shaher' by Chitra Mudgal. Inspired by the 'Art of Katha' and other folk traditions of India, 'Shaher' is an experimental narrative film that explores new and innovative style and form of story telling. Bansi is a tuneless minstrel, Durga a passionate potter, Mahapatra is a failed healer and Vishnu a dumb and devastated poet. Each of them are voices, opening themselves and inviting you into their memories. Fate has brought them together to a remote and forgotten temple. The temple infuses new life into them. They have accepted their destiny and hold no grudge. Until one day a crippled Langda from the city comes to their village.

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Director : Rajiv Mudgal

Writer : Rajiv Mudgal

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