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-1 | drama, mystery, thriller | 10 May 2019

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Running away from his home, his life, his love Shankara meets a woman Padma in a strange situation. Padma's desperate attempts to find her own original identity finds a conclusion in a stunning event when Shankara enters her house one day. He was haunted by harsh memories but she has no past memory to cherish to live. Meanwhile flower vendor girl Raaji who was a neighbour to Padma leaves house to fulfill her desire to act in TV soap operas ends up in terrible mishap leading towards the climax. Paramoo, a crazy husband of Padma to the outer world, an actor in drama shows fuels the series of thrilling events which run up the end of the movie.

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Release Date : 10 May 2019

Director : Mounesh Badiger

Writer : Mounesh Badiger

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