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The Lonesome Lass

50 | drama, family | 10 January 2017

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The sojourn of life is a sheer deception. Every single moment of the expedition is pre-destined, but it keeps surprising the individual with unprecedented turns. The narration "The Lonesome Lass" is nothing but an anecdote of the truest significance of time, life and seclusion. In a simple premise, the story proves that everything, in life, is perishable. The cynicism of destiny will slaughter even the innocent dreams, the cheerful potentials and the free flow of existence. The story has murmured the melody of a young soul, whose life was apparently blissful and candid until she stepped into the lives of her elder sister in a remote village. Tiya, the protagonist, gradually starts witnessing the atrocities of life as her elder sister and her husband unitedly starts grinding her with disgraceful abuses. The tender soul inevitably turns into a victim of patriarch domination and surprisingly her elder sister never reduce the burden of pain from her rather she instigates the exploitation ...

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Release Date : 10 January 2017

Director : Bhaskar Banerjee

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