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10, August 1989

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For the 1989 hindi film starring amitabh bachchan please see toofan (film) for the 2013 indian bilingual film starring ram charan please see toofan (2013 film) toofan {{#invoke:infoboximage|infoboximage|image=toofan. jpg|size=190px|sizedefault=frameless|alt=|border=}}directed by pervaiz ranaproduced by bao muhammad shafiqstarring shaanreshamnargissaimacountry pakistanlanguage urdu toofan is a pakistani urdu film starring shaan, saima, resham and laila.

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Director : Kidar Kapoor, Pervaiz Rana

Producer : Tarachand Barjatya, Bao Muhammad Shafiq

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