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Two Countries

159 | comedy | 28 December 2017

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The plot of the film revolves around Ullas (Sunil), a cunning procrastinator in his late 30s who makes a living by deceiving people in his hometown. Money is the only motivator that works for him and he wants it without any risks. For making money he decides to marry a disabled women, Simran. But when better proposal comes from an NRI Telugu woman Laya, he chooses that. Immigration to USA and easy money allures him. Only later does Ullas comes to the knowledge that Laya is a chronic alcoholic. The knowledge of funds deposited in her name, that Laya cannot claim due to her alcoholism, and the possibility of access entices him however and he adjusts with the troubles. In time Ullas falls in love with his alcoholic wife, and the call of a husband makes him care for Laya even in troubles. Laya comes to knowledge about Ullas's original plan through Bose, Ullas's friend, accidentally. This leads to a divorce case. Initially Ullas gains the upper hand from the court, citing his wife is an ...

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Release Date : 28 December 2017

Director : Nimmala Shankar

Writer : Sreedhar Seepana

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