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101 | drama | 3 August 2018

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A journey of three women belonging to three different ages and generations, in search of life. Bindi, a woman at her late 30s, the wife of a lorry driver, runs away from home stealing her husband's lorry. Chotu, the young helper, agrees to help her in the expedition and drives the lorry off with her. On their way they meet Minu, a young runaway bride who's on her way to meet her dream man whom she wants to get settled with. Further in the course of their journey, they meet the third woman Sabitri a widow at her early 60s, who's also rejected in life, This is a story of Bengal, its women, its nature, its unexplored yet rich culture. This is a story that starts and ends on the road.

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Release Date : 3 August 2018

Director : Abhishek Saha

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