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127 | drama, family | December 2017

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"Vaman's story is describe from Lord Vishnu portrait Vaman is basically a small kid who descended the VAMANA Avatar to restore the authority of INDRA to save the world from the Devil. And Vaman gets transformed himself in Virat which is physically Strong and make himself in huge. Our story is about VAMAN the kid between 8 to 10 years who transformed himself in VIRAT to fight the life journey on same age with extent maturity."This is an gripping story about a child named Vaman, a typical middle-class boy aged between 8-10. The story further features about how he fights against his circumstances that ultimately makes him a real- life fighter. Vaman would also keenly observe and try to understand how his father and mother ran their family to make sure that they had a smooth life. His grandpa would often visit their house and there was also a place that his grandpa would often visit. Vaman knew about the emotional attachment his grandpa had with that place he visited. Once his father and ...

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Release Date : December 2017

Director : Manish Vaidya

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