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Vilayattu Aarambam

128 | action | 2 June 2017

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The film was directed by AR Surriyan and Vijay R Anand, about a young guy who put up all his hard work in a business and he gets a black mark on that job. Now a day in India network marketing companies has been popular and people are afraid to join to earn money, but in this film the story leads on promoting the network marketing and gives messages to such kinds of job will rise up the status of a man. Story: The artists Yuvan Firose Khan, Riyaz Khan and Shravya have done the leading roles and Power Star Srinivasan had a superfluous fitting for the film. The young guy becomes in a bigger position of network marketing and earns a lot within the three years, in this circumstance Shravya and Yuvan both are getting attracted to each other, Riyaz Khan is a brother of Shravya and he against towards their love, he plans to wrecking Yuvan's network marketing company and Yuvan is doing malpractice in that job, Juvan struggles to prove that network marketing business makes it easy to earn in ...

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Release Date : 2 June 2017

Director : Suriyan

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