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91 | crime, sci-fi | 17 June 2017

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The world economy has collapsed. A secret evil organisation called Decennial is behind it which aims to destabilize the world economy and trigger a global recession. It has operatives in the biggest economies in the world. William Smith, the main antogonist, is the Decennial operative in India. Indian CID Officer Puneet Sahani is assigned this case, who has secretly befriended William and has aided him to carry out his operations in India to bring down the economy. Puneet's friend and colleague Maddy finds out that Puneet himself was involved in the evil activities performed by William and who believes that William is dead, he takes it to the higher authority but only to learn that Puneet is on a secret mission to track down the entire group through befriending William. Puneet arrives in London where the chief of Decennial resides and where William has accepted a new secret task from the chief himself - to kill his enemies. William being a Science prodigy, uses the telepathic mind ...

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Release Date : 17 June 2017

Director : Goutham Kanade

Writer : Goutham Kanade

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