Mahabharat 14 April 2020 Afternoon episode: Arjun wins the swayamvar and Pandavaas are married to Droupadi, Shakuni instigates Duryodhana against Pandavaas

Mahabharat 14 April 2020 Episode 35 written update: In today''s afternoon episode Arjun finally succeeds in marrying Droupadi in the swayamvar. But after they reach home, Arjun tells his mother Kunti that he has got good Bhiksha. So Kunti without looking at Droupadi asks her sons to divide the Bhiksha between them. On the other hand Emperor Dhrutrashtra asks Vidur to bring Pandavaas back to Hastinapur. Shakuni grabs the opportunity to provoke Duryodhana against Pandavaas