Bhakshak: Bhumi Pednekar shares her experience of working on the movie; says ‘Bahut mushkil experience raha’

Bhumi Pednekar gives insights of her new movie, talks about the hurdles and also the challenges she faced while shooting her part.

Pratibha Katariya   |    February 6, 2024 12:55 PM IST

Bhumi Pednekar recently opened up about her experience working on the movie "Bhakshak" and let me tell you, it was quite a challenging journey for her. She shared that it was a very difficult experience. Bhumi didn't hold back in expressing the hurdles she faced while filming the movie. From physically demanding scenes to emotionally intense moments, it seems like "Bhakshak" pushed her to her limits. Despite the difficulties, Bhumi's dedication and passion for her craft shone through, and she delivered a remarkable performance. It's always inspiring to see actors go the extra mile to bring their characters to life, even when faced with challenging circumstances. Bhumi's honesty about her experience gives us a deeper appreciation for the hard work that goes into making a movie. Watch the video to know more.