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Bigg Boss 16 runners-up Shiv Thakare speaks on whether Sidharth Shukla's style influenced his game? [Exclusive Video]

Bigg Boss 16 runners-up Shiv Thakare spoke to Bollywood Life on whether he was vastly influenced by Sidharth Shukla's style of leadership from his season [Exclusive Video]

Urmimala Banerjee   |    February 21, 2023 7:30 AM IST
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Shiv Thakare might have been the runners-up of Bigg Boss 16 but he has earned immense love and fan following. The young man maintained that Sidharth Shukla was his idol before he went inside the show. When we asked him if he played his game influenced by him he said that he no plan as such. He said Mandali was not formed for the game but they became friends. Shiv Thakare said the purpose of having friends was to have a pleasant time inside the house.