#ButterVideoTeaser: BTS is ready to rock and roll and fans cannot keep calm

#ButterVideoTeaser: BTS is ready to rock and roll as Big Hit releases the video teaser of the new single. J-Hope is at the centre and people are wondering what is coming

Urmimala Banerjee   |    May 18, 2021 9:31 PM IST

Well, ARMY is going to have a meltdown tonight. BTS has unveiled the video teaser for Butter. We can see the boys shaking their heads dressed in black and white. It is a black and white teaser and the retro vibe is quite good. Jungkook looks great with his long hair. Kim Namjoon/RM can be seen in a Bolero jacket. Fans will also love the styling of Suga and Kim Taehyung/V. The video is just of 25 seconds. The single is coming out on May 21, 2021. The boys say they are ready to rock and roll. Fans have gone crazy seeing this. Here are some of the reactions

We can see the madness amongst the ARMY. Their last song Dynamite was a huge success. It got nominated at the Grammys and has multiple nominations at the Billboard Music Awards.