Salman Khan spreads importance of COVID-19 vaccination; urges people to stop spreading rumours

A video of Salman Khan talking about Coronavirus vaccinations and the rumours doing around the same has gone viral.

Nikita Thakkar   |    November 17, 2021 4:59 PM IST

On social media, Salman Khan shared a video to promote the importance of COVID-19 vaccination. He mentioned in the video that vaccination is currently the only solution to fight Coronavirus. He also urged people to stop spreading rumours about the vaccines. In the end, he said, "We have to understand that by getting vaccinated, you are not only helping yourself but also your family, society and country. I fold my hands and request all of you to get the corona vaccine done at the earliest. Wear masks, wash hands regularly and maintain social distancing. Come and contribute in making the country corona free." Watch the full video above.