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Fatima Sana Shaikh reveals she's also been in toxic relationships [Exclusive]

Fatima Sana Shaikh in an exclusive interview talks about how she has been in toxic relationships, and it is tough to walk out of bad marriages

Urmimala Banerjee   |    April 27, 2021 8:36 PM IST
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Fatima Sana Shaikh is getting good reviews for her work in Ajeeb Daastaans. The anthology revolves around toxicity in relationships. Fatima Sana Shaikh told BollywoodLife that getting out of a toxic relationship is easier said that done. She said that she has been in toxic relationships. Fatima told us, "I've also been in toxic relationships. It is very difficult to say, 'haan hum ye kar lenge, wo kar lenge (I will do this, I will do that).' When you are in it, it's very difficult so I understand a lot of women go through that, especially when you're not working and you're financially dependent on your husband, it gets very difficult to get out of a bad marriage."