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Kartik Aaryan REVEALS how Dhamaka is a revisit to his past roles that most people haven't seen [Exclusive]

Think Kartik Aaryan has reinvented himself with Dhamaka? In an exclusive video interview with BollywoodLife, the star REVEALS how he's merely revisiting THOSE past roles which most moviegoers haven't seen.

Russel D'Silva   |    November 19, 2021 8:40 PM IST
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In an exclusive interview with BollywoodLife, Kartik Aaryan opened up about his new Netflix movie, Dhamaka – what the makers have retained or changed from the Korean original, The Terror Live, how much of it has been Indianized, how the film highlights a lot of behind-the-scenes things in the media but could’ve just as well been based in the stock market or banking world and how his character in Dhamaka won’t be a reinvention like many are assuming, but rather a revisit to his erstwhile work in Akaash Vani and Kaanchi and the short film, Silvat, which most moviegoers haven't seen or probably not even heard of. Watch Kartik Aaryan's video interview above...