Mother's Day 2021: Debina Bonnerjee REVEALS how her mother was her biggest support during her struggling days [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

Ramayan actress Debina Bonnerjee talks about the bond she shares with her mother and how her mother has sacrificed a lot for her during the time she was struggling in the industry.

BollywoodLife   |    May 8, 2021 8:09 PM IST

Debina Bonnerjee in an exclusive interview with BollywoodLife on the occasion of Mother's day spoke about the bond she shares with her mother. She reveals that there are certain things that she has to teach her mother like using organic things and not using plastic as it affects health. The Ramayan actress also says that her mother just stops talking whenever she is angry and also doesn't like if anyone criticises her kids. She also spoke about her struggling days and shared that her mother used to accompany her for every meeting and audition. She also shared an incident when her mother stood in the hot sun until Debina finishes her work. Check out the above interview to know more about Debina Bonnerjee and her mother.