Mother's Day 2021: Rajeshwari Sachdev RVEALS she steals her son's chocolates even today [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

Rajeshwari Sachdev on the occasion of Mother's day speaks about her bond with her son. She also talks about her bond with her mother.

BollywoodLife   |    May 8, 2021 9:44 PM IST

In BollywoodLife's Mother's Day special segment, Rajeshwari Sachdev opens up on her bond with her son, Devagya. She says that she his mother but he does share everything with her. She also spoke about the pressure of being a perfect mother when she gave birth to her child. She feels that every day a mother grows along with her child and she will keep learning. Rajeshwari Sachdev also revealed a cute thing about her. She said that she still steals her son's chocolates and eats them. The actress believes that an unhappy woman cannot be a good mother. She also spoke about her mother and her bond with her mother.