Samantar 2: Nitish Bharadwaj opens up on his bond with co-star Swwapnil Joshi, his character Chakrapani and more [EXCLUSIVE]

Swwapnil Joshi and Nitish Bharadwaj's Samantar 2 begins from today. Nitish Bharadwaj spoke about his character in the show and his off-screen bond with Swwapnil Joshi.

Sanskruti Salunke   |    July 1, 2021 1:05 PM IST

Swwapnil Joshi and Nitish Bharadwaj's web show, Samantar 2 will begin from today. The first season of the show had received a good response and fans were eagerly waiting for season 2. Now, in an interview with BollywoodLife, Nitish Bharadwaj spoke about Samantar 2. He shared how interesting is his character of Sudarshan Chakrapani. He also spoke about how different it is from playing Krishna in Mahabharat. Nitish Bharadwaj and Swwapnil Joshi had both played Krishna in the past. He also shared how his off-screen bond with Swwapnil Joshi is. Nitish Bharadwaj also shared what changes did Sudarshan Chakrapani's character bring in his life. Check out the above video to know more.