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Throwback Thursday: Sanjay Dutt reveals how his iconic '50 tola' scene from Vaastav was never a part of the script [Exclusive Video]

Sanjay Dutt exclusively reveals in BollywoodLive's new 'Throwback Tadka' segment how his indelible, iconic '50 tola' scene in Vaastav was added at the very last moment before shooting

Russel D'Silva   |    May 12, 2022 6:59 AM IST
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Sanjay Dutt is remembered from a great many scenes across his legendary career, but, arguably, none more than his iconic '50 tola' sequence from the crime classic, Vaastav? What if we were to tell you though that said scene was never a part of the original script in the first place and was hurriedly added on set, on the day of shoot, by Director Mahesh Manjrekar. Nope, we're not making this up as Sanjay Dutt narrates this episode himself in our new 'Throwback Tadka' segment for BollywoodLife. Watch the exclusive video above...