Tuesday Trivia: Did you know THIS director was first supposed to play Aakhri Pasta in Akshay Kumar's Housefull; Chunky Panday REVEALS how he got the role [EXCLUSIVE]

Aakhri Pasta has been the singular-most-defining factor in Chunky Panday's comeback, but you'd be surprised to know that the actor, who announced his comic chops to the world with the role, almost didn't play the part as a famous Director, equally well known for his comic talent since decades, was initially supposed to enact the character.

Russel D'Silva   |    August 3, 2021 7:00 AM IST

If there's one role that Chunky Panday can credit as his biggest foothold in his comeback, then it's got to be Aakhri Pasta from the Housefull franchise. However, did you know that Chunky Panday was never the first choice for Aakhri Pasta? In fact, it was Director Sajid Khan himself who was supposed to play the part (We're sure he'd have nailed it, too. Anybody who's watched Ekke Pe Ekka and Kehne Me Kya Harz Hai would attest to this.) and it was by the recommendation of Chunky's wife, Bhavna Pandey, that he bagged the role. Recalling the incident in an exclusive interview with BollywoodLife, the Housefull actor said, “I got this role at a party, where Sajid Khan was also present, and he said, 'I'm making this film and this is a fantastic role and everybody wants me to do it, but will I directed the film or act in it? So, I'm wondering who can do this role?' Then Bhavna, who was also present at the party told him, 'Sajid, why don't you take Chunky.' and he immediately replied, 'Yeah, let's take you,'” after which they visited producer Sajid Nadiadwala. To know what happened next, watch the video above...