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Raj Kundra and Mahhi Vij test positive for COVID-19; actress details her heartbreaking ordeal [Watch Video]

Bollywood celebrity Raj Kundra, husband of Shilpa Shetty, has tested positive for Covid-19. His diagnosis comes as a surprise to fans, despite his reported adherence to safety measures. Watch Entertainment Videos.

Video Desk   |    March 30, 2023 9:28 PM IST
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Raj Kundra and Mahhi Vij test positive for COVID-19: Despite three years since covid outbreak, the Coronavirus pandemic still continues to impact people's lives worldwide. Recently, Indian TV actress Mahi Vij also tested positive for the virus and informed her fans about it through a social media post. The virus has affected people from all walks of life, including celebrities from Bollywood to TV. Although the discussion surrounding the pandemic has decreased, it's essential to continue taking precautionary measures to ensure our safety and well-being. let's watch what the actress has to say. Watch Entertainment Videos.