Romance, rain and social distancing: Bollywood things to not do during this pandemic

The pandemic has changed everything. Here are some Bollywood songs which are no longer relevant.

Pankaj Sabnani   |    June 23, 2020 10:00 AM IST

Romancing in the rain has played an integral part in many Bollywood films. While in some films, it is used just as a prop or an excuse for couples to get intimate, many films use it intricately as a character. But all that might change now due to the pandemic and social distancing. So here are some Bollywood songs which are no longer relevant.

Dekho Zara Dekho – Yeh Dillagi

‘Mausam suhaana hai kya aashikaana hai. Bajane lagi hai tik tik dil ki ghadi’ go the lyrics of this song featuring Akshay Kumar and Kajol. Well, we suggest dil ki ghadi ki battery nikaal do.

Aaj Rapat Jaye Toh – Namak Halaal

‘Aaj rapat jaye to hame na uthaiyo. Aaj phisal jaye to hame na uthaiyo,’ went this song. In today’s world, ghar pe raho aur jo karna hai karo.

Rain Is Falling – Gunhegar

Please koi bhi ladki ko aankh mat maarne do.

On The Roof In The Rain - Masti

Roof mein bhi kuch mat karo. Romancing in the rain will cause you pain.

Kate Nahin Kat Te - Mr. India

Aaj kuch aisa kiya to din raat katna aur bhi mushkil ho jayega.

Tip Tip Barsa Pani - Mohra

One tip we would like to give and that is stay the hell away from each other.

However, there was one song from Wake Up Sid which almost got it right as it used rain to convey feelings. The beautiful song was called Boondon Ke Moti. Unfortunately, there’s no official video of the song so we can’t share it here.