Shamshera: Here's why Ranbir Kapoor starrer flopped at the box office

Ranbir Kapoor's film Shamshera earned just over 10 crores domestically on day one at the box office. It seems to be difficult for the film to do great at the box office. Watch the video.

Pratibha Katariya   |    July 26, 2022 12:54 PM IST

Why did Shamshera flop at the box office: Ranbir Kapoor & Vaani Kapoor starrer, is struggling at the box office after the film has earned just ₹10 crores domestically at the box office on the first day of its release. The film is getting mixed to negative reviews from the audience side. The total budget of Shamshera was Rs150 crore and as per recent reports, the film could earn ₹14-15 crore each day over the weekend, but it is not sufficient for such a big budget film. Well, it looks like Bollywood films are not doing great at the box office as this film seems to be the fourth disappointment from Yash Raj Films. Watch the video to learn more.

Written by, Devisha Keshri