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Tunisha Sharma's mother claims Sheezan Khan slapped daughter, pressurized her to convert to Islam [Watch Video]

"Tunisha liked him and wanted to marry him," "Sheezan slapped her," and other shocking claims were made by Tunisha Sharma's mother, Vinita Sharma. Watch entertainment videos.

Pratibha Katariya   |    December 30, 2022 4:15 PM IST
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Tunisha Sharma Case: Tunisha Sharma's mother, Vanita Sharma, had a media interaction where she revealed many shocking claims. In a press conference, she said, "She wanted to spend it on a yacht, but I told her we would do it at a big hotel." I told her I would invite all her co-stars and 20–25 people. She was planning to ask Sheezan, too. Tunisha is not a person who can die by suicide; God knows what he did with my child since it happened in Sheezan’s makeup room. The day they broke up, Sheezan slapped her, and she cried a lot, saying "he used me." Tunisha's mother talked about some other shocking things. Let's watch the video to learn more about it. Watch entertainment videos.