Nagarjuna's love for food

Nagarjuna is 62 years old, but he is super fit and also is a foodie...

Murtuza Iqbal

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Reportedly, he starts his day with egg whites and bread slices.

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After his breakfast, he has one more meal which has idli/dosa and some fruits.

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For lunch, the Brahmastra star reportedly has rice/roti and 4 different types of vegetables.

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In the evening, he prefers fresh fruits as snack.

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The actor has dinner at 7pm and he has grilled chicken, fish and boiled veggies.

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According to reports, Nagarjuna loves Hyderabadi Biryani.

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Haleem and Kebabs

In an interview with Hungry Forever, the actor revealed that he is proud of Hyderabadi haleem, and he loves kebabs as well.

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