Stealworthy short dresses from Mouni's wardrobe

Mouni Roy has some amazing and envious collection of short dresses that are stealworthy...

Shivani Pawaskar

Source: Bollywood

A little bit of white in black

A strapless black dress with a white collar attached to the sleeves. Unique, isn't it?

Source: Bollywood

Glittery bodycon

Channel your inner diva in a shimmery bodycon dress just like Mouni here...

Source: Bollywood

What blues?

Blue is a gorgeous colour... only... you need to know which shade to wear...

Source: Bollywood

Beauty in black bow dress

Mouni Roy has a thing for black dresses.

Source: Bollywood

Skirt and top

Say yes to a black top with a shimmery gold skirt!

Source: Bollywood

Black and white

Add more of black and white in your wardrobe... professional and classy AF!

Source: Bollywood

A cosy bodycon

Pair a cashmere crop top with a bodycon dress and voila! a date night outfit is ready...

Source: Bollywood

Some metallic touch

Nothing beats the magic of a metallic dress. Channel your inner DIVA with a short metallic dress...

Source: Bollywood

BLACK is bae

A short black dress does wonders and is always a must have in your wardrobe...

Source: Bollywood

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