Biggest misconceptions about BTS

Hey BTS ARMY, if you are a baby ARMY, here are some common misconceptions about the BTS members that have been around for a long time…

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There’s a common misconception that ARMY consists of only girls and only teenagers. Even James Corden thought that. BTS has fans in all age groups.  

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BTS and their success

There’s a misconception about BTS achieving success overnight. They debuted in 2013 and have been in the industry for 9 years now. They had their struggle, a lot of it, before achieving global fame.

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Jin is immature

There’s a common misconception about BTS’s eldest member Jin is immature and childish. Even the members joke that he is the real maknae and not Jungkook. But Jin, in reality is quite mature.

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Suga is rude

Min Yoongi is often thought to be rude and blunt for speaking in a manner of fact way. He is quite practical in real life. Some say Suga lacks emotion, but on the contrary, he is very emotional and warm.

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J-Hope is always high on energy

Hobi is a bubble of energy, and he is considered to be the mood booster of the group. However, Hobi has his low days too and is extremely hardworking. He may have energy, but it doesn’t mean he cannot be exhausted.

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RM is arrogant

Being the leader and the only one fluent in English, RM is always at the forefront. He faces everything which has led to the belief that he is arrogant and self-centred. On the contrary, RM is motivating and helpful.  

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Jimin is the maknae

Don’t know where this comes from, but Jimin was believed to be the youngest member of BTS. His cuteness and looks made fans think he is the youngest of them all. In fact, he is older than Taehyung and Jungkook.

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V is an alien

Due to his goofy nature, BTS V aka Kim Taehyung was called alien and even 4-D. He hates being called that. He is very intelligent in real life and has a way of always giving a different perspective in everything which helps BTS in standing out.

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Jungkook is aloof

When Jungkook debuted, he looked lost little kid. However, soon enough, he showcased his talent and proved otherwise. Jungkook is an introvert, and he takes time to mingle but once he does, he’s very mischievous and funny.

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BTS are related

Neither of the BTS members are related to each other by blood. There were misconceptions that Jimin-Jin or Jungkook-Jin are brothers. There were also misconceptions that the Kim-line (Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin and Kim Taehyung) are related.

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