BTS Jungkook's hottest pics and unknown facts

Hey, BTS ARMY, it's time to get to know some lesser-known facts about BTS' Golden Maknae - Jungkook aka Jeon Jungkook.

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Jungkook as BTS member

Jungkook is the lead vocalist, dancer and also a part of the visual line. He is the youngest member of Bangtan Sonyeodan and is quite literally the baby of the group.

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Jungkook's birthday and sun sign

Jungkook was born on 1st September 1997. He is a Virgo. He likes to be the best at everything. Virgo males are known for perfection, dependability, and honesty.

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Jungkook's habit...

Jungkook has a habit of sniffling because he has rhinitis. Well, it does match his personality of being a bunny rabbit.

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Jungkook's scar

BTS member Jungkook has a scar on his face which he got after a fight with his older brother. Ouch, just sibling things, we guess.

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Jungkook's other talent

Jungkook has a very good memory. He is also very good at mimicking people. Well, the latter part can be confirmed as Jungkook just loves to imitate his hyungs.

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Jungkook wouldn't have been BTS member?

It is being said that after professionally learning dance in the US, Jungkook thought of taking up dancing as a profession. However and thank God, Jimin convinced him to join BTS.

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Jungkook's stage name

Thank God that Jungkook went ahead with his own name as his stage name. Imagine calling him Seagull or Ean. He wanted to keep his name Seagull as it is the official bird of his birth place, Busan.

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Jungkook and martial arts

Jungkook knows Taekwondo. In fact, he has a black belt in Taekwondo. He has taken a liking to boxing these days.

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Jungkook - the Golden Maknae

Jungkook was given the name Golden Maknae by his bias in BTS - RM. Since Jungkook is good at everything he does, he pours his heart into everything, RM coined the name.

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