BTS members' secret to handsomeness

BTS members - Taehyung, Jin, Jungkook, RM, Jimin, J-Hope and Suga are known for their music. However, their striking visuals also leave everyone in AWE!

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BTS – the most handsome Bangtan Boys

Talking about BTS members' visuals, want to know how they always look handsome? What's the secret to their glowing skin? Let's check out...

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BTS RM - Kim Namjoon's skincare

BTS leader is one handsomely built man. ARMYs know he is into fitness. For his skin, RM uses a lot of hydrating moisturizers.

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BTS Jin - Kim Seokjin's skincare

Mr Worldwide Handsome Jin is one striking individual. He looks like a prince charming. Jin likes to keep his skin fresh using hydrating masks.

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BTS Suga aka Min Yoongi's skincare

Also known as AgustD, Suga is leaving ARMYs in a fix with his growing handsomeness these days. He shared that he doesn't have a skincare routine and uses moisturizers and masks only.

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BTS J-Hope aka Jung Hoseok's skincare

Jack In The Box album maker, J-Hope believes in washing the face often. He says it's very important to wash the face properly, first in the morning.

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BTS Jimin aka Park Jimin's skincare

Chimchim aka Jimin has had quite a glow-up but he's still the baby mochi we all love. He swears by drinking a lot of water which helps in glowing skin. He also washes his face before going to bed.

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BTS V aka Kim Taehyung's skincare

Taehyung is into skincare. He uses toners and skin creams and applies their using cotton pads for hydrating and acne-free skin.

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BTS Jungkook's skincare

To keep his skin acne-free, Jungkook uses apple cider vinegar. The Golden Maknae also uses Jojoba oil to keep his face moisturized.

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